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From the youngest ages, education is a fundamental pillar in socialisation and is therefore one of the basic strategies in ensuring a significant advance in equality between women and men in all areas.

Progress must be made in the transformation of the educational system and the concepts of education that hinder a greater participation of women in research environments and educational and cultural decision-making. This requires a comprehensive review of the education system's objectives, content, methods, assessment and resources, as well as teacher training.

The Institute of Women promotes educational experiences and projects which seek to contribute to overcoming stereotypical barriers, allowing for a more balanced and free development of one's personality, helping to build relationships between the sexes based on respect and co-responsibility and encouraging the active participation of women and men in all areas of society.

Furthermore, the Institute collaborates in the elaboration of educational resources and research teaching projects and transmits them through various means available to the public, promoting debate in order that the contribution of women to education might be better known and acknowledged.

As far as corporal education is concerned, the participation of women in physical and sports activities is encouraged, as well as promoting a change in sports role models in order to eradicate the damage that can be done to physical and psychological health and well-being. In the fields of art and culture, the Institute promotes familiarisation with work by women which questions the patriarchy and which opens up new approaches to creativity.

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