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Culture and creativity are fields of great relevance to achieving social equality. Traditionally culture has been understood to be a set of creative male activities which sideline the contributions that women make to society. Thanks to feminism, culture can no longer be conceived without taking into account women's activities in the fields of creation, maintenance and representation of life and relationships, as well as artistic endeavours and activities related to knowledge and science, developed in either the past or the present. Women's history and their fundamental contribution to the history of humankind in general has been manipulated by a culture that is androcentric and patriarchal. Without women and what they bring to the world there is no life, no culture.

The public authorities have an obligation to work toward ensuring the effectiveness of the principle of equality and opportunities between women and men in all matters concerning artistic and intellectual creation and production, to spread this creativity and promote a balanced presence of women and men in artistic and cultural public life.

The Institute of Women is committed to the equality of all people in accessing cultural assets, as well as implementing public action that raises awareness, increases visibility of creative women and corrects inequality with regard to women's artistic-cultural production and creation.

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