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Sports and physical activities

At the outset of the 21st century it seems that nobody is unaware that doing regular physical and sports activities is beneficial in many aspects: physical, psychological, emotional and social. However, in many cases, it continues to be a limited environment for women, not only from a participatory point of view but also in terms of their representation within the various sports structures, in media visibility, and as subjects of scientific research etc.

Sport and involvement in physical-sporting activities are aspects that are fully integrated, accepted and positively valued by our society. However, inequalities between men and women have continued, ensuring that women's role in this area is associated with stereotypical values, far from reality and which hinder their inclusion in this world, be that as amateurs, sportswomen, trainers or managers, etc.

Bearing all this in mind, the Institute of Women believes it to be both appropriate and necessary to take a special interest in this circumstance. We have therefore set the following objectives:

  • To encourage the participation of women in physical-sports activities.
  • To promote changes to reference models in women's sport with a view to relating it to values which fit with reality.
  • To facilitate access for women to the various levels of sports participation and management.
  • To develop strategies and courses of action that guarantee equal access to participation in physical-sports activities within the various educational and sports institutions.
  • To encourage research into the various fields of women's sports and physical activity to promote egalitarian development and participation.
  • To establish channels for communication and collaboration with sports-related entities and institutions in order to allow progress to be made toward a more egalitarian sports reality.

In order to meet the established objectives, the Institute of Women has signed agreements with institutions that are directly related to sports and physical activities: the Spanish Sports Council and the Spanish Olympic Committee. The aim of these agreements is to collaborate in implementing activities which seek to promote co-education in sports, the preparation and delivery of teaching materials, the promotion of participation in sports, research and analysis into the area etc. The overall aim is therefore to develop activities which both defend and promote the role of women in sport, in order to stimulate participation at all levels, in all structures and in equal conditions.

Similarly, and as a result of the Institute's awareness of this matter, we are constantly working to develop programmes, activities, publications, training etc. which might bring the achievement of these objectives closer.

Our commitment to equality in sport is firm and open to all individuals and organisations actively working toward the development of policies, programmes and courses of action which guarantee this equality.

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