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How we work

The work the Institute of Women undertakes in promoting the conditions that permit social equality of the sexes and the full participation of women in the political, cultural, economic and social life of the country is normally formalised through the signing of collaboration agreements with other Ministries, with the local and regional administration and with other public and private institutions working in cultural, educational, sports, economic and social fields.

Through the various kinds of subsidies and other help that is made available, the Institute of Women finances projects aimed at putting into practice the equality policies promoted by the Institute and the realisation of activities aimed at favouring equal opportunities and research into gender issues and furthering our knowledge and awareness of the situation facing women.

The Institute also publishes a range of material in order to spread knowledge of and about women. It is also involved in co-publishing projects with other publishers and compiles documentation concerning women in a wide range of areas which may be consulted by the general public.

Since Spain joined the European Union, the Institute has managed a significant amount of European Funds. Its is currently involved as an intermediary and administrator in projects which belong to the Operational Programmes in the Fight against Discrimination, co-financed by the European Social Fund and the Technical Assistance and Governance Operational Programme, co-financed by the ERDF

Gestión de fondos europeos

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