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Travelling exhibitions

Within the context of modern society, in which the production and transmission of information plays an increasingly important role in economic, social, cultural and political life, exhibitions represent a cultural manifestation which, using traditional formats and new technologies, enable the transmission and spreading of messages which can positively shape the public's attitudes and behaviour.

Consequently, an organisation like the Institute of Women, wishing to encourage attitudes and behaviours which favour full equality of opportunities between men and women, has long used this form of communication, transmission and awareness-raising, by means of its Travelling Exhibitions.

The Institute of Women is preparing new exhibitions and planning its annual travelling schedule, which will not only visit different regions in Spain, but also some neighbouring European countries and others further afield, meeting the demand from public and private bodies, such as equality-related organisations, towns and city councils, provincial and regional governments, schools, colleges and universities, professional associations, trade unions, foundations etc.

The aim is to publicise action which seeks to improve and increase awareness of the situation of women in fields such as employment and social, educational, economic, political and cultural matters. The Institute can therefore contribute to and stimulate debate and reflection which will encourage people to seek new alternatives. These exhibitions also aim to promote a more positive, modern image of women which will lead to a fairer, more egalitarian society.

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